In 1974 while in high school,Chris Emmerich built and ran his first greenhouse.After high school Chris went to college at Cobleskill and received a degree in horticulture.He then continued his education with a bachelors degree in horticulture from Cornell University.After college he worked as a traveling flowerbulb salesman. But his true passion was growing plants. So in 1982 Chris returned to the farm and started Emmerich Greenhouses. In 1984 Emmerich Greenhouses started selling at New York's famous Greenmarkets. In 1986 Chris married fellow Cornellian Virginia Gamble. She began working at the greenhouses in 1988. In 1999 the second generation of growers was born, a son Lee Adam. Lee can be found helping out around the greenhouse, at market, or playing on our 30 acre farm. We currently have 22,000 sq. feet of greenhouses and 2 acres of field crops , primarily cut flowers. So come by the greenhouses or catch us at one of our farmers markets